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Stretch films

Stretch film is the common name for polyethylene film, which is made from a raw material called Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE). The main properties of stretch film are flexibility, viscosity, thermoplasticity and transparency. Thanks to its properties, stretch film is easy to handle and provides ideal protection for your goods.

Adhesive tapes

General Packaging offers packing tapes based on acrylic adhesives, hot melt adhesives and natural rubber. A wide range of available sizes, types and thicknesses allows to choose the tape according to the needs.

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Strapping bands

Strapping bands are special products designed for both manual and machine strapping of loads of various types. They are extremely strong and durable and prove themselves in securing pallets and smaller packages.

Technical adhesive tapes for various industries

Also known as special adhesive tapes have many applications both at home and in industry, logistics, assembly and offices, as well as in renovation work.