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Highest quality

Our head office is located in Cologne. As a German company, we follow a high standard of quality imposed by ourselves.


Product diversity

One Manufacturer - Many Products:
With us you will find a huge selection of packaging materials such as stretch wraps, adhesive tapes, strapping, and much more.

Expert assistance

Our competent team with many years of experience will be happy to help you put together the ideal inventory for your purposes. Contact us today!

Our products are made from recyclable materials

Stretch films is the common name for polyethylene films, which is made from a raw material called Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE). The most important properties of stretch film are flexibility, viscosity, thermoplasticity and transparency. Thanks to its properties, stretch films are easy to handle and provide ideal protection for your goods.

General Packaging offers adhesive tapes based on acrylic adhesives, hot melt adhesives and natural rubber. A wide range of available sizes, types and thicknesses allows you to choose the tape best fit to your needs.

Strapping band is a packaging material wound into a roll that is used for packaging goods and various products for their subsequent transportation or storage. It is a modern packaging material used in various fields.

Also known as special technical adhesive tapes. Technical adhesive tapes have many applications at home, as well as in industry, logistics, assembly and offices, and also for renovation work.

48-hour express delivery program

When you place an order within Germany or France, we offer an optional 48-hour express delivery program.

To ensure an uninterrupted workflow and that you can get your goods ready for dispatch quickly and reliably even in the event of an unexpectedly high volume of orders, please feel free to ask us about our express delivery program. We will deliver your order directly to your location in a maximum of 48 hours. Guaranteed without delays!

About us

At General Packaging we pride ourselves on being experts in stretch films, adhesive tapes and strapping bands.

We understand the specific requirements of each industry we serve and strive to provide our customers with the best possible products and services.